Moral foundations of individualism

Humans are productive positive beings,
needing defense against initiation of force
not control by do-gooders and tyrants.

(This site is is not about anarchy, intellectual Libertarianism, or religion - but about
individual freedom supported by defense and justice systems,
the demonstrably moral social system that history proves feeds and fosters humans.)

"Do not make the mistake of the ignorant who think that an individualist is a man who says: "I'll do as I please at everybody else's expense." An individualist is a man who recognizes the inalienable individual rights of man - his own and those of others." - Ayn Rand


My comment on inaccurate descriptions given to police who then regurgitate them

Victims are using terms like Asian and First Nations to describe assailants, and police repeat them to media.

But those are not accurate descriptions because of the wide variation of shades and facial features among tribes and areas of the world. (Even Caucasian is poor, because historically it is based on anatomy not skin colour, it covered most of Asia and North Africa thus was not exclusive to white skin.)
One police department asked people to watch for a missing 'First Nations' teenager, but fortunately also gave her colouring - blonde whitey. ('First Nations' is a current fad term for descendants of tribal people who've been here several millenia, they usually have brown skin and black hair. 'Nations" is not a genetic type, it is political.)

Proper descriptions are colour of skin and hair, facial features including shape and sags/wrinkles, tone of skin (like 'reddish', and body size - and perhaps apparent gender.

The article also shows the rot in society with the sentence "“Since the second half of the 20th century, physical anthropologists have moved away from a typological understanding of human biological diversity towards a genomic and population-based perspective, and have tended to understand race as a social classification of humans based on phenotype and ancestry as well as cultural factors, as the concept is also understood in the social sciences.” - 'cultural' does not fit genetic ancestry.

Political planning requires coercion, market planning requires cooperation.

My recitation of flaws in Saanich's EDPA law and consultant review of it.

My exposition and comment on the scam of claiming that white people from Ireland were slaves in the West Indies and treated worse than black slaves.
It includes exposing bad methods of knowledge, and motives. Plus comment on how the lack of food in Ireland came about, and similar principles advocated today.

Traffic safety and legal advice.
Note court judgements against drivers.

I don’t understand why he can't see it.
He's the kindest, most gentle, loving husband and father. But then, he forgets and everything goes to sh*t."
- Cher, re her brief marriage to Gregg Alman
I say a psychological problem, noting the reputation of the Allman Brothers Band for hard partying - that's escaping from something.

Comment to Saanich council re climate alarmism.

Keith's critique of Saanich's proposal for consultants to review EDPA law.

Comment to the consultants reviewing Saanich's oppressive EDPA law.

Comment on Diamond Head Consulting's review of Saanich's oppressive EDPA law.

From ugly duckling to golden goose
How Canadian ingenuity transformed the oil sands.
(It did take decades of work.)

The modest hospital on Salt Spring Island does not get many severe trauma cases, as there aren't big highways on the island thus few severe impacts. Staff and emergency services personanel were concerned about keeping skills current.

So they organized a simulation lab, laid out like their emergency department, with modern interactive mannequins.
Periodically they practice a situation in the lab, as a team.


Obsessive mentality - Butchart Gardens version.
A couple was refused admission to Butchart Gardens because they were wearing a hat, long dress, and suit - on their wedding anniversary.

Butchart Gardens then tried to rationalize their mistake by comparing crowded Disneyland to Butchart Gardens, talking of obvious hazards like skateboards and selfie sticks in crowds, and saying they turned away someone in a ladybug costume (obviously - to most people - a very different situation). And tried to pay the couple off by agreeing to an expensive taxi ride back to Victoria, where they came from by bus.

What's the solution to that attitude?
The free market of course - people can determine if the business is reforming from its confused thinking, and move on to better if not. (Indeed, the couple enjoyed other gardens and historical venues while visiting Victoria.)
How Can Monopolies Occur? explains how people can vote with their feet and start alternative businesses, and what stops them (government force).

There are outstanding young people today.

"What Microsoft, Apple, and others are doing right now is determining the future state of your relationships with customers. This isn’t a tech issue. This is a future-of-your-business issue." (Regarding government's push to see the data on your customers that you store.)

A grassroots group to foster democracy in the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of B.C.
Keith's new pages on that.

- the book about suppression of speech

“I didn’t know that many people could fit in the back seat of an F-14”.
One person got fed up with sexist comments in an Internet thread speculating on how a female pilot managed to lose control of a fighter aircraft approaching to land on an aircraft carrier, talking as if they knew exactly what happened.

Black-skinned Americans who aren't in the news:
Black-skinned Americans support police - not arsonists, muggers, rioters, and their ilk.
Black residents defend white-owned store with guns.
Black-skinned Americans were economically better off a century ago when there was discrimination - what changed? (Keith says the anti-human culture of neo-Marxists and their Post-Modern/Multiculturalist offshoots.)

A series about bad behaviour and violation of rights by governments.


Two billion people have "Earth Day" every hour of their lives.
Many cook over small dung-fuelled fires, smelly and unsanitary.
Why do some people try to deny them the benefits of good energy?
I recommend Alex Epstein's book "The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels" for an explanation of the value of fossil fuels to humans. (It includes review of alternative sources of energy and of reducing risks.)

Keith's position on forced sale of property,
such as for pipeline right-of-way.

Keith's advice on organization and management of government.
Including a controversy over departure of the Chief Administrative Office of Saanich.


Defending Civilization

Socio-Economic Philosophy
(incl Island Individual & Little People)

Don't Blame Humans for Climate

Emphasizing defense of individuals, housing,
knowledge acquisition, and sovereignty over own life.










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I support pre-emptive defense against sources of support to those who certainly will initiate physical force against individual freedom.

(The demonstrably moral concept "individual freedom" is
the proven way to achieve peace and prosperity for humans.)

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